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In the Netherlands, the production of a valid last Will requires the services of a notary, like Kooijman Autar in Rotterdam. Our team gladly advises on legal situations regarding your last Will and can draft the official documents for you. This legal document leaves clear instructions about your final wishes regarding estate, assets, and dependents.

Draft a last Will with the help of our team in Rotterdam

In a last Will, you can derogate from the law of intestate succession. If you make a last Will with the help of our notary firm in Rotterdam, you can stipulate exactly who your heirs are, who is to settle your estate or include an exclusion clause. If you wish, you can leave instructions for your estate to be placed under fiduciary administration and you can nominate a guardian to take care of any underage children after your death. Alongside these considerations, making a last Will is often a means of reducing tax liability.

Anticipate on future developments with your last Will

When advising clients in Rotterdam wishing to make a last Will, we always try to anticipate future developments in terms of the family situation, the financial situation, and possible amendments to the law to make estate settlement easier. Because we are unable to predict the future, it is advisable to review the contents of your last Will at least once every five years with a notary from our office in Rotterdam, and more often if circumstances dictate. Only then will you be certain that everything is ‘up to date.’


Schedule an appointment with our specialists

Please contact our team in Rotterdam if you need further information about drafting a last Will or about reviewing or amending your existing Will. Our family law attorneys shall be pleased to offer advice. Call us on +31 (0)10 285 88 88 to schedule an appointment to discuss your last Will at our office in Rotterdam.



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