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Are you looking for a notary firm in the area of Rotterdam that can assist you with matters relating to civil law? If you wish to be absolutely certain that the signature on a document does indeed belong to a named individual, you can require that individual to have his signature ‘notarized’ by a notary firm. He must then produce valid proof of identity. Our notary firm in the region of Rotterdam is happy to assist you with any civil law matter.

How can a notary firm in Rotterdam provide you with extra certainty?

Notarization means that after witnessing the signing of the document, the notary will append a statement confirming the identity of the signatory. The notary then adds his own signature and official stamp. Kooijman Autar in Rotterdam is a certified civil law notary firm, appointed by state government in the Netherlands. Our team is able to provide a notarization in Dutch, English, or German. Our notary firm in Rotterdam is at your service for arranging civil law matters, such as:

Corporate services are available as well, like a transfer of shares or drawing up the requested documents for the incorporation of a new company.


Receive more information on civil law notary services in Rotterdam

Please contact us if you require further information about notarization. Our team is pleased to tell you more about the services a civil law notary from Kooijman Autar can provide. Give us a call at +31 (0)10 285 88 88 for appropriate advice on your situation.



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