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When thinking about divorce, there are regulations stipulated in the law that you have to adhere to – an attorney from Kooijman Autar in Rotterdam can guide you through these regulations. Dutch law allows a married couple to divorce on the ground of an irreparable marriage. Family affairs, like a divorce, should be resolved as soon as possible to prevent material and immaterial inconveniences. We are with you every step of the way. Ask our team in Rotterdam about the law for filing for divorce.

Points of attention when it comes to divorce and the law when living in Rotterdam

At our firm in Rotterdam, we have a specialized law team that assists our clients when they go through a divorce. There are several manners in which we can help you through the process. When you and your partner file for a divorce, it may be wise or even obliged to request mediation from a professional independent agent. A civil law notary from Kooijman Autar in Rotterdam mediates through your divorce process and advises on specific aspects. Think of:

  • Spousal maintenance and child support
  • Division of joint property, like the mortgage on a house or specific inventory
  • Pension benefits and renewal of a last Will
  • Emotional aspects


Resolve issues regarding divorce with one of our specialists

If you need any further information about the law concerning divorce, make sure to contact our firm in Rotterdam. You can call us on +31 (0)10 285 88 88 to schedule an appointment with a family law specialist who listens to your specific situation and provides you with solid advice.



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